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Periodic Check-In Time

I'm still alive, if anyone cares.

Hey, I'm alive!

All is well. How is everyoine's holidays?

Forgotten Beast. By me.

It's hard as balls finding an anatomy reference--in this case, muscles--for a prehistoric creature. But here he is.

Lelethe was a Forgotten Beast. He was the only one of his kind. He was a skinless dimetrodon with a bloated body. Beware his webs!

Went to Comic Con. Too crowded, too hot, not as much fun as I'd hoped.

Well, that was a thing.

My female warrior, Sheila

She has Alan as a companion now too, thanks to the Familiar Faces mod.

Some more shots

Changed ENBs since the previous one was creating odd artifacts and occasionally causing crashing and stuff. It' Vivid Weather plus the ENB that goes with it, and ELFX for lighting.

Yay screenshots

I made a Breton Archer names Alan last weekend. I don't play zade anymore, but I missed having a good looking guy to pal around with Ludwig.


He forgot how to horse.

Bonus shot of Ludwig.